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At Night They Haunt Our Dreams

Boogeyman Fiends & Scream Queens...

Gore_x_Whores & Scream_x_Queens...Rate Us...
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Welcome to Gore_x_Whores. This is a community for all of us who have obsessions with horror films, fetishes for all things frightening & full of gore. This community is not restricted to one specific stereotype. This means no matter what you are "labeled", you can join, just as long as you share our love of horror & gore. This is a rating community. You are rated on personality as well as looks. You can not be rejected by your musical interests alone, so no fear there. If you're stylish & have a love of horror...Come join us now.

Just to make something clear: We aren't all about looks, we are about horror & gore, your interests mean much more to us than the make-up on your face.

We have themes & Gore_x_Whore of the Month. The first 15 are auto accept/reject. Apply today.

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+ No one under the age of 16. If you feel that you are mature enough, feel free to contact the maintainer.
+ Absolutely NO drama. This is a fun community, leave the drama in you own lj.
+ No Arguing with accepted members, this is a rating community. If you can't handle rejection don't apply.
+ Have fun with the application, boring ones usually get "no".
+ Answer all questions & promote within TOS, failure to do so is automatic rejection.
+ Put "Boogeyman Dreams & Scream Queens" as your subject line so we know you've read the rules.
+ NO LURKERS. Post app within 24 hours of joining & given posting access. If you cannot do this, let a mod know.
+ Make application "friends only".
+ Do not post anywhere other than your application until accepted.
+ When replying to a comment in your app., CLEAR the subject line. It's easier to count votes.
+ No deleting your application if rejected.


+ Stay active, failure to do so will result in being banned.
+ Vote on every application
+ When voting, give a reason why or why not. Do NOT reject people on musical interests alone.
+ Do not be rude to other members, if you don't like something they post, get over it. Some things are better left unsaid.
+ We love camwhores & encourage it, but no nudity please. Post your gory pictures, we love that.
+ Participate in themes & promote.
+ Make ALL posts "FRIENDS ONLY" & put "STAMPED" in your subject line.
+ All large posts & pictures go behind an lj-cut.
+ If you can not be active for a while, tell us.
+ Promotions are fine as long as they don't get out of hand.
+ Have fun!



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Get Gory, the theme this September is "Auto Trauma"

::+::Whore Of The Month::+::

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Whore Of The Month works on a point system:
Themes=50 points
Promotions=25 points (post a link to your promotions in the community)
Inviting a member that get's accepted=15
Picture posts/Camwhoring/Staying Active By Posting=10 points
The person with the most points at the end of the month wins Whore Of The Month


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You will see one of these when you're stamped


If you would like to be a sister community, please contact razrbladextears

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horror_junkies, a great community for all of us horror fanatics.

Another awesome horror community you should check out: horror_movies

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