Sarah (rentfeline) wrote in gore_x_whores,

I have a ton of spare time at work to read and would like to know what I should read horror wise... I have already read the following:

Carrie- Stephen King
The Shining- S.K.
Salem's Lot- S.K.
Misery- S.K.
Different Seasons- S.K.
Thinner- S.K.

Interview With A Vampire- Anne Rice
The Vampire Lestat- Anne Rice
The Mummy or Ramses the Damned- Anne Rice

The Exorcist- William Blatty

I also have read some H.P. Lovecraft

I just bought The Witching Hour- Anne Rice and Audrey Rose- Frank De Felitta.

Mainly I'm looking for authors who aren't totally mainstream but not so obscure that they are hard to find. Thanks!!!
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