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Carny the BJ

Friday Freakshow!

Bizarre Human Oddities this Friday
What: Carny Todd and the CIA present SuperFreaks
When: Friday July 7th, 8:30pm
Where: The CIA Carnival Museum and Bar
11334 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood

Who: Selena Luna, Mr. Uncertain, Jack Dagger, George the Giant, Princess Farhanna, Sparkle Diamond, Senor Stretchy Skin and special guest fetuses- Actual Pickled Punks

If you haven’t been to the CIA yet, you need to go. Never has such a bizarre and macabre assortment of mummified oddities been assembled in a house of intoxication. It must been seen to be feared!

And if have been to the CIA, you need to go on July 7th, for while you may have seen mind-blowing performances before, that stage was meant for a sideshow. You know it, I know it, Your mama knows it.

Dapper Cadaver will be there with a table of the most unusual vendables your ever likely to lay eyes on.

Miss this show, and it will haunt you the rest of your nights, and even during the day in the darkness of your blinks.

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