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boogeyman dreams & scream queens

::+::Basic Info::+::

+ Name: erin
+Age/Birthday:17 years old. born on july 22nd
+Location:long island, new york

::+::About Me::+::

+5 Favorite Bands:pantera, alice in chains, decapitated, it dies today, caliban
+5 Movies: all four texas chainsaw massacres, black circle boys, about schmitt, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, 21 grams.
+Drugs/Alcohol/Smoke? (why, or why not?)i don't do drugs, mainly because my brother died of a heroin overdose, i drink occasionally on social occasions... i don't smoke because i don't like smelling like shit.
+One word to describe you:tired
+Favorite article of clothing:sleeping pants... the most comfortable.
+Favorite Color(s):grey
+Actors/Actress:viggo mortensen... i don't really have a favorite actress, if i had to choose, i guess i would go with christina ricci.
+Do you have any phobias?yes, i have a fear of heights. ever since i was a little kid i had horrible nightmares of me walking up a narrow bridge into the sky without any railings.

+Favorite horror films(5):(i already named this) texas chainsaw massacre (preferably the IV), hunting humans, deadbirds, love object, shadows of the dead.
+Horror scene in a movie: the scene in texas chainsaw massacre IV when vilmer snaps the unconscious kid's neck in the beginning of the movie. the dialogue is priceless.
+Villian & why:vilmer once again. his character intrigues me. i can't get enough of it.
+Zombie movie:most people didn't like it, but i'd have to go with 28 days later. cillian murphy's acting in that was great and the plot was equally entertaining.
+Classic horror film (if you have one):that's a hard one... i guess i'd choose Halloween. that was really the first horror movie i ever saw, it never gets old.
+How do you feel about remakes?usually remakes are horrible, my theory is if the first one is good, leave it at that. (ex: texas chainsaw massacre. why would you cast the daughter from seventh heaven in such a classic film as that?)
+Should evil prevail? indeed it shall.
+Most disturbing movie or scene in a movie: the most disturbing scene i've seen was during last house on the left when the bad guy makes the friend perform sexual acts on her other friend. the mood in that scene was terrifying and note the year that it was made. i'd be putting it lightly to say that was very controversial.

::+::The End::+::
+Anything else you'd like us to know? save the good horror films. they're a dying breed.
+Why do you want to be part of this community? because i think i would belong here nicely. it seems like a pretty happening place.
+Promote in 2 different places within TOS & link back here

+Where did you hear about us? a halloween community
+Post your pictures, no less than 3, no more than 10. Please include a 150x150 sized picture for the members page if you get accepted. </a>'

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